Saturday, December 11, 2010

♡. That feelings

Some things I cannot complete represented,
I get some news about you , but I cannot do anything ..
Only can quietly heartache .

I can disguise I was so nothing happened ,
but I cannot cheating all understand me sister .
Actually they was know the real .
Yesterday I was drunk , I was cried .
Sorry let all friends and sister worry . D:
I'll as soon as possible to recover laa ..

Right , our gang was many happened .
How should we do ?


Sorry for yesterday ,
sudden cannot accompany go there and let you worry .

Dont sad, I knew the truth .
I knew you wont give up what you doing now .
I also wish you success laa ! :)
Remember care about you and her's sisterhood .

Micol ,
I knew you so mad about that guy.
But cannot do anythings ?
Sorry , I dont know yesterday will happened many things .
I'm ok .
You also dont sad , please D:
Sorry ..

We both are the same .
Same feels *, same hate *.
We dont think it !
We are the best sister .
Crazy gang ! :D
Sorry for yesterdayy ..

No need so care me,
I was okays laa ..
Also sorry for yesterday.

cheer up laa ,
Dont think a lot .
He will come back to care youu .
Dont blame .

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